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In a run-down club somewhere near you, a mismatched band twangs their guitars and blows on their kazoos... Until now! You, yes you are the one thing that will make this band start to ROCK, have fun bashing your drunken audience's brains out and rocking out on your weapons... I mean instruments... This is Dance with the Devil!


You can move around by using the WASD keys, and you can attack with the left mouse button. In this game you play as a band made up of three members, with each member having their own instrument that acts as a weapon. You can switch between band members by either scrolling the mouse wheel or by  pressing the number keys (1, 2, 3). If all three band members die then you lose. In each fight, or 'performance', you are given 2 minutes to gain as many crowd members as possible. The 'Rock-Out' meter shown on the right is a measure of how well you are doing. The higher that meter is, the more crowd members you will receive.


Coding - Megalink, Zyro and Gideon the Bard

Art - Zyro, Gideon The Bard and Ulkenstride

Music - Jackass, Destruc

Sound Design - Russtafari


Main Theme (By Jackass) - https://soundcloud.com/jackassmusic/s-1

Boss Theme (By Destruc)https://soundcloud.com/user-741393669/music-jam-11-final-one/s-7YFBE


Install instructions

This game is currently only available for Windows.


Dance With The Devil v1_2.exe 7 MB


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Very fun to play, good job!


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I got 4600 thanks to useful guitar guy!

I don't understand the hold spacebar sequence